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These are some of the clients that place their trust in our team:

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

Telefono Text eXpert Treatment (+34) 91 898 93 59 - (+34) 661 240 129

Mail Text eXpert Treatment areatxt@areatxt.com

Web de Text eXpert Treatment www.areatxt.com

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We translate.

Our translations are carried out by specialized language professionals.

We offer lower rates and better turnaround times by translating directly from typeset documents.

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We proofread and copy-edit.

Our mission is to proofread and copy-edit your texts so you can convey the perfect message.

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We typeset

... we get your communication right.

We control the whole pre-press process for all kinds of documents. We design and coordinate tasks, taking your idea from its inception to total completion.

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We illustrate.

Thanks to our wide team of professional illustrators

your company will always find the style most suited to the concept you want to convey in each case.

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We document.

There’s a secret to documentation.

If you need to enrich your communication, if your texts need illustrations or photographs, [TXT] has the best solution for your needs.

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We are interactive.

Our software is adapted to new interactive resources.

Our team of professional software developers work with the main platforms to meet your every communication need.

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